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Leak: Red Bull Summer Edition 2022 Confirmed to be Strawberry Apricot

If you're new to Red Bull (which if you are, where have you been??), the company switches up their Summer Edition and Winter Edition drinks up every year, leaving a wake of incredible (Arctic Berry, rest in peace) and average (Watermelon) energy drinks.

For 2022, our sources at Red Bull have confirmed that the Summer Edition flavor will be Strawberry Apricot.

This follows up Beach Breeze, Watermelon, and Dragon Fruit as previous Summer Editions. Previous Winter Editions include Plum Twist, Arctic Berry, and the currently running Pomegranate.

As you can see, Strawberry Apricot looks pretty creative when stacked up against previous special edition Red Bulls, which has me excited to give it a try.

Let us know what you think about the new flavor, and we'll keep you posted about any developments as we learn more.

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