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Leak: New Monster and Reign Flavors for 2022 (Ultra Peach and Reignbow Sherbet, anyone?)

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Reign and parent company Monster have been leading the charge on energy drink innovation for a while, and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon.

Over the past year or two, Monster cut some of their less productive drinks like Ultra Black, Khaos, Ultra Citron, and MIXXD in order to make room for new ones like Khaotic, Reserve Pineapple/Watermelon, Ultra Gold, and many more.

The now discontinued (in the US and Canada) Monster Punch MIXXD.

As Monster's high caffeine brand, Reign has many unique flavors like Inferno Red Dragon, Carnival Candy, Lilikoi Lychee, and White Gummy Bear, just to name a few.

More of Reign's intriguing drink lineup.

Based on the direction both brands are going, it should be no surprise that they have some exciting new additions to their lineups heading into the new year.

As first seen by us on the r/energydrinks subreddit, u/kingfrugg posted a New Drink Alert picture containing 3 new Monster flavors and 1 Reign flavor. u/EriczHype noted in the comments that these drinks will not be released until 2022.

The drinks are as follows:

  • Monster Ultra Peachy Keen

  • Monster Rehab Watermelon

  • Monster Aussie Style Lemonade

  • Reign Reignbow Sherbet

I'm personally the most excited for Monster Ultra Peachy Keen and Reign Reignbow Sherbet, since I don't think there's anything similar to either on the market today. Monster Rehab Watermelon doesn't get me as excited, but I could also see it being an instant classic considering how good the existing Monster Ultra Watermelon is.

I'm not a huge lemonade guy, so that get me going either. But let me know if you think Aussie Style Lemonade could be your jam, along with any of the other rumored drinks for 2022.

11/23/2021 Update

On r/energydrinks, u/The_Mull posted the following picture of Monster Ultra Peachy Keen.

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Jun 28, 2022

The aussie style lemonade is really disgusting but it has such a pretty can

Grayson Conner
Grayson Conner
Dec 13, 2022
Replying to

no shut up its probably better than you anyways

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