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Leak: Monster Reserve White Pineapple Slated for October Release

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Image courtesy of Reddit user u/splyons41

8/21/2021 Update: Also confirmed is the other Monster Reserve flavor - Watermelon. Nutrition facts for Pineapple include 29g of sugar, 250% Vitamin B2, 250% Vitamin B6, 240% Vitamin B6, and 490% Vitamin B12.

On August 3, an image was posted to the r/energydrinks subreddit that had our Caffeine Shark group chat buzzing. Is it a photoshop? An upcoming drink? An old drink that was discontinued?

After reading through the comments we were able to answer those questions:

  • Nope, not a photoshop

  • Yes, an upcoming drink (October!)

  • Nope, not discontinued (yet)

Thanks to Reddit user u/timo808 we also know that Monster Reserve White Pineapple is:

  • A new, full sugar flavor

  • Going to be released in October (2021)

  • Right now being sampled by employees and other connected individuals

Through some internet sleuthing we also know that Monster filed for the "M Reserve" trademark on May 1, 2021. So it would seem that "Reserve" is a working title, if not what the final product will be named.

I'll speculate a bit and leave the rest to the smart people of the energy drink community. Monster already has Reign catering to the caffeine-heavy crowd, the Ultra line pleasing the sugar-free, taste-driven, caffeine-conscious crowd, so what's missing? I think Monster Reserve will pander to the people who wouldn't give a second glance to the OG Monster, providing a lineup of real sugar, fancy-sounding, fruit-flavored drinks.

I hope that Monster Reserve will end up being like Chase Sapphire Reserve or Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, but in the back of my head I know it could end up like Steel Reserve. Fingers crossed.

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