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E-Sports Energy Drinks: LPL Edition

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

With the League of Legends summer splits just around the corner, Caffeine Shark was asked which energy drinks are best for staying up late and watching the LPL. As an avid LCS fan who watched every single game including MSI and Worlds from 2015–2019 before becoming depressed from NA Worlds performances, I figured I should take on this request.

When selecting an energy drink to consume so you can stay up late and cheer for your favorite team, it is not as simple as choosing one with the highest caffeine content or the best taste. The truth of the matter is that it completely depends on who you are watching and how you feel while watching them. For example, rooting for the rookie top laner for North America’s Apex Gaming in 2016 to solo carry with full lethality Jarvan IV is extremely exciting, but I am not expecting them to win many games. Rooting for TSM when Bjergsen was dominating was probably the least exciting possible activity, yet also the least stressful because you knew back in the day that winning a game with three total kills was not unexpected.

Now that you understand why choosing a different energy drink depending on who you are watching is necessary, let us break down the LPL starting with the 2020 Summer split champion:

Top Esports

Recommendation: NOS Nitro Mango

Top Esports finished the last three splits inside of the top four, winning last summer and making Worlds semifinals. As a Top Esports fan, you have nothing to worry about heading into the summer split. Sit back and enjoy yourself with a nice refreshing NOS Nitro Mango. With a Shark Score of 80, its low kick and smooth taste will help you focus on the game, be happy that you won, and then go to sleep once the sugar crash hits.

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up

Edward Gaming International

Edward Gaming

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming

Recommendation: Bang Purple Haze

I have seen these three teams crush the hopes and dreams of NA fans for years, but none of them made Worlds in 2020. What is up with that? Well, RNG and EDG are back on top finishing first and second in the Spring split, and IG is looking to make a comeback after finishing the regular season 2020 splits at 1st and 3rd, then not even making worlds. I expect big things from all three of these teams this summer, so get hype with Bang Purple Haze.

With a Shark Score of 86, Bang Purple Haze is the perfect combination of a high kick and delicious taste to get you revved up for your team’s comeback and hopeful Worlds run in 2021.

Oh My God Gaming

Oh My God

Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors

Victory Five Gaming

Victory Five

Recommendation: Birthday Cake Bash

Really? You are a fan of one of the aforementioned teams? If you hate yourself already, why not hate yourself more. With a Shark Score of 22, Birthday Cake Bash tastes terrible and has a ton of caffeine to ensure that you lie awake at night contemplating life choices.

LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming

What even happened last year? LGD was awful in the 2020 Spring split, went to worlds after balling out in the playoffs, then was awful again in the 2021 Spring split. You are always hopeful after a mediocre Worlds performance, which is why you deserve Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry. Tied as our single highest rated beverage, it has a Shark Score of 93. After making Worlds and actually winning several games, you deserve something incredible that will keep you awake and excited for them to take a step up this Summer.

ThunderTalk Gaming

ThunderTalk Gaming

Ultra Prime Gaming

Ultra Prime

Recommendation: 3D Candy Punch

It looks like ⁠⁠eStar Gaming needed a new start. After finishing summer of 2020 and spring of 2021 in second to last place, it seems necessary. If you were an eStar Gaming fan, it is likely that you will be cheering for Ultra Prime this Summer.

ThunderTalk Gaming, on the other hand, had their first split last season which did not go well at all. You need hope and something different, so I am going to recommend 3D Candy Punch. It is not something you see everywhere and only has a Shark Score of 70, but has a solid cherry flavor and 200mg of caffeine. While its kick is lower than some of these other recommendations, you really should not get overexcited for either of these teams. 200mg is a solid amount of caffeine that will keep you up during the game, but if the loss is inevitable and you secondhand tilt by shutting your computer off prematurely, you still may at least be able to get some sleep.

Rare Atom Gaming

Rare Atom

Recommendation: Raze Strawberry Colada

Your first split as Rare Atom went great! Stay hype, and focus on your path to Worlds this year. There are some juggernauts in the way, but that is why drinking a Raze Strawberry Colada is good for you. It is a unique strawberry flavor with a lot of caffeine, and is just a bit different than most of the usual name brands. A shark score of 88 is fantastic, and you should thoroughly enjoy yourself while rooting for the new franchise. If you lose to the big teams, you still will have at least enjoyed this and been hype throughout the game.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming

Suning Gaming


Recommendation: C4 Frozen Bombsicle

These are two great teams that are consistently better than most, and did extremely well at worlds last year. Have you peaked? I do not think so. There is some tough competition, but I would not stress too much. Just drink something good, and be happy that you are almost guaranteed to end with a positive record.

C4 Frozen Bombsicle is the recommendation here because it has a moderate amount of caffeine, is uniquely flavored, and has a Shark Score of 89. You do not need artificial energy to keep you excited for these teams, so enjoying yourself while still receiving a caffeine boost is the way to go.

LNG Esports

LNG Esports

Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili Gaming

Perpetually average or worse, every game is stressful for the fans of LNG and Bilibili. You will win some, but getting a positive record is only a dream as positive records have not happened for these teams since 2019. It is certainly possible, so you need a high kick to feed the adrenaline.

Reign Inferno Jalapeno Strawberry has an odd and rather unique taste with a massive kick. Its Shark Score is only 75, but Reign Inferno Jalapeno Strawberry is tied with my highest rated kick of any 300mg (of caffeine) energy drink. You want something that will keep you on your toes for these close games, not a delicious relaxing beverage.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix

Team WE

Team WE

Recommendation: Monster Ultra Rosa

What can I say, these are two great teams. FunPlus Phoenix only really took off the year I stopped watching in 2019, but WE has been solid for the last five or so years. Both teams are exciting to watch and always have the chance to make it back to worlds. You do not need 300mg of caffeine to get excited for these games, so I am recommending Monster Ultra Rosa.

Monster Ultra Rosa has a Shark Score of 87 because it is delicious, but has a lower kick than all of the other recommendations so far. You want to enjoy yourself with a classic energy drink that is flooding the market.

The last time either of these teams had a losing record was 2018. There is no need for anything new or too different when you are this confident that your team will end the season with a positive record.


LCS – Any and Every Team

Recommendation: Cocaine Energy Drink

Look, if you are an NA fan, it does not matter whether you root for TL, C9, or whatever, because we are never going to win worlds if we keep spending money on imports instead of working on home grown talent. If you want something spicy, it sure as hell will not be the gameplay, so I recommend Cocaine (spicy energy drink). We know the outcome of every split and Worlds performance by now, so the only way to get a new experience is by drinking something you probably never have had before.

Cocaine Energy Drink Spicy has a current Shark Score of 28, but I highly recommend that energy drink fanatics try it once. It is unlike any other, and will thoroughly distract you from Blabber flashing for top river scuttle crabs (too soon?).

Final Thoughts

These recommendations are for the regular season only. When your team is in the playoffs or a must-win game later in the season, these are liable to change. While RNG may not be too concerned during the regular season for example, not making Worlds in two consecutive years would be a travesty.

When the “best of” series start occurring, you need to stay awake longer and stay invested at all times. You better believe that I will be releasing another article soon consisting of what to drink during the playoffs in any sport, so be ready for it.

The LPL Summer split is almost upon us, so be ready to root for your favorite team with the right energy drink in hand. You may not always win, but the right beverage will help you celebrate your victories and cope with your losses. Here is to another great split, and may we meet again at Worlds this October.

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