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Zevia Raspberry Lime

If you can get past the taste this is an excellent option for the health conscious

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Let's get it out of the way, this drink is not tasty. However, you could argue that Zevia more than accomplished its mission of being a healthy energy drink. I am impressed by the specs: zero calories and sugar, gluten free, Non GMO, nothing artificial including coloring, kosher, and vegan. It really becomes a battle between the uninspiring flavor and the health benefits of the drink. The good news is that the flavor is more along the lines of "not good" than "gross". If you can get past the taste this is an excellent option for the health conscious.



There's always a challenge to balance healthy ingredients, nutritional value, and taste. Raspberry Lime does well on the health side of things, but struggles with flavor. Raspberry Lime to begin with is an unusual combination and arguably hard to pull off. The top three ingredients listed are: carbonated water, citric acid, and organic stevia leaf extract. That probably explains the lack of taste. I find that it tastes closer to a less carbonated seltzer than an energy drink. The raspberry and lime flavors are hard to pinpoint as well, resulting in weak taste.



Zevia Raspberry Lime has an odd appearance. It is very clear what nutritional facts they wished to highlight on the front of the can. The can is primarily black, with an odd splash of purple on the top. The jagged outline of the purple towards the top of the can gave me the initial impression that the label was peeling, which I thought was odd. On the side of the label, three steps are listed to instruct the consumer, the first of which is "Drink.". It really is a bizarre package that is marketing oriented in its most evident form.



Zevia Raspberry Lime has 120mg of organic caffeine. The can is only 12 fl oz., which equates to a fairly high caffeine per fl oz. ratio. 120mg of caffeine is equivalent to roughly 1.5-2 cups of coffee.

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