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Rowdy Energy Peach Mango

The flavor is uninspiring and lacks distinctive qualities

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Peach Mango is not Rowdy's strongest drink. The flavor is uninspiring and lacks distinctive qualities. Neither peach nor mango flavors stood out. A clean can design is moderately redeeming, though it does not save the drink from mediocre flavor.



I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of peach flavoring, though usually energy drinks are so good that any peach related flavors are delicious anyway. Not the case here, unfortunately. I found Peach Mango to be muddled, neither peach or mango flavors stood out. The lack of distinct flavor wasn't very satisfying. It isn't terrible taste, just uninspiring.



Rowdy chose appropriate pink and orange-yellow colors to accent the can. The traditional Rowdy design remains the same, which I am a fan. The clean, white background looks uncluttered and allows the accent colors to pop.



Rowdy Peach Mango has 160mg of caffeine. The drink is approximately equivalent to two cups of coffee.

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