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Rip It Tribute C.Y.P.-X

I don't know exactly what high fructose corn syrup tastes like but if I had to guess, I'd pick this drink as my best entry

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The can has 99 cents printed on it and I feel that the price is indicative of what you get. The brand tries to capitalize on its support for the US military, but with this drink it almost does a disservice. The excessively syrupy flavor doesn't taste good and lacks any redeeming healthy qualities. The packaging isn't especially sharp looking either. The flavor name is Tribute C.Y.P.-X, which is explained on the website as "you don't need to know what is stands for." The icing on the cake was the bizarre translucent orange color of the liquid when I poured it out.



Tribute C.Y.P.-X, which is a nonsensical flavor name, tastes like cream soda. Not just any cream soda, but the generic brand that a grocery store makes ripping off of a name brand. I enjoy a good cream soda but this drink just isn't that. It does taste approximately like a cream soda with hints of orange, albeit combined in a syrupy liquid. I don't know exactly what high fructose corn syrup tastes like but if I had to guess, I'd pick this drink as my best entry. The combination of bad taste and weird texture left me struggling to finish the drink. Spoiler alert, I ended up pouring out the remainder.



The digital camo pattern make sense, as the the brand supports the US Military. That's cool and all, but does not mean it looks good. The shades of orange somewhat align with flavor, although the orange and burgundy mix in the camo is kind of off-putting. The font for the flavor name sticks to the theme, appearing like it's fresh out of the military surplus store. The most intriguing aspect of the can design is that 99 cents is printed several times around the top part of the label. I suppose gas stations and convenience stores that carry this drink will have no choice but to charge that much. It's an interesting ploy, but doesn't really inspire value on top of a can that already looks chintzy.



Despite the tough military aesthetic, this drink only has 80mg of caffeine. 80mg of caffeine is slightly less than a typical cup of coffee. That doesn't bother me in the slightest but may turn away some more addicted consumers.

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