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Reign Mang-O-Matic

This is another delicious drink from Reign

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I was impressed by Mang-O-Matic. Reign continues to make elite flavors and this is no exception. My only gripes are the cheesy name and the 300mg of caffeine. I find 300mg to be too much for me personally and I never drink a whole can at once. I try not to hold that against Reign too much, as the energy drink market has clearly shifted to offering more and more drinks with 300mg. Another observation with the majority of Reign's drinks is that they offer a level of consistency and simplicity not found in many energy drink companies. I find it a bit boring at times but the fact that they have a variety of strong flavors in similar packaging is reassuring. This is another delicious drink from Reign.



Reign knows how to create flavors. Unsurprising considering the brand is the creation of Monster. Mang-O-Matic is obviously a very mango flavor. I found the flavor to be less of a juiced mango and closer to a mango flavored soda. This is not a knock on the taste, it's actually quite good. Thankfully, it avoids the trap of tasting highly artificial. Honestly it's another delicious beverage from Reign.



Reign cans are nothing if not consistent. If you've seen one you've seen them all. That being said, I like the colors they chose for the for this flavor. Aqua green and light orange don't sound like a good pairing, but I think it works well here.



Mang-O-Matic has 300mg of caffeine. It's a legitimate amount that roughly equates to 3 cups of coffee and change.

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