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Reign Lemon HDZ

From the ambiguous "HDZ" titling to the oddly colored can tab, this drink isn't too far from a special on Investigation Discovery

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Reign Lemon HDZ is a mystery in itself. From the ambiguous "HDZ" titling to the oddly colored can tab, this drink isn't too far from a special on Investigation Discovery. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but please somebody at least tell me what "HDZ" stands for. Aside from all the strange odds and ends, you have a quality tasting energy drink that you will feel. The performance orientation of the drink is in question, however it is worth noting that there is the higher presence of sodium (amongst other ingredients) that can be beneficial for recovery after draining exercise. Summarily, Reign has a quality drink here despite a few flaws and oddities.



What is Lemon HDZ?? Some preliminary online research, including on Reign's own website, failed to reveal what "HDZ" stands for. Definitely a curious addition to the name of the flavor. While I can't tell you if it tastes like "HDZ," I can tell you it tastes extremely like a lemon candy. As such, it is a sweet, lemon flavor with a hint of sour tang at the end.. While quite sweet, Reign avoided the classic mistake of making it excessively sweet. For energy drinks, I much prefer this type of lemon flavor as opposed to a lemonade one. Honestly, I find the Lemon HDZ flavor to be simple and without nuance. That is not a criticism, I'm merely noting that the flavor is straightforward and consistent. In my opinion, lemon based flavors are tricky to get right and I commend Reign for doing a good job with this one. It may not be the most redrinkable flavor but it is quite enjoyable.



The Reign Lemon HDZ appearance is an interesting one. The black background and top enable the theme colors to appear prominently. Normally this would be a positive thing, however, I'm not sure that I fully understand the color scheme. Yellow makes sense in theme with the lemon flavor, however the blue it is paired with doesn't seem to tie in with anything. That itself isn't really an issue, especially when compared to the color variations. The yellow and blue in the "Reign" font appear to be slightly lighter in color than the prominent yellow and blue comprising the Reign logo. Kind of strange. Even worse is the can tab, which is oddly colored in a hue that looks as if rust and gold were combined to create it. It's a cool color in itself but it is only found on the can tab and clashes with the rest of the color scheme. Sort of a head scratcher. Last but not least, I have to mention the Reign logo. It is present on all their drinks with variations in the two colors respective to the flavor color scheme. The logo itself appears to be a knight face shield combined with a crown on top, but don't quote me on that. In that sense, the logo communicates the brand well; I can't fully get on board with how it looks on the can. I think some subtle details off to the side would add some intrigue to the can that could differentiate flavors from each other. One positive aspect is the grippy texture flanking the logo on the can. Overall, it's not a bad can; I just would prefer some refinement in the colors, fonts, and details across the can.



Reign Lemon HDZ comes on strongly thanks to its punchy lemon flavor. It does not last long however, as carbonation is moderate. The 300mg of caffeine will make most consumers feel something, with the exception of those true caffeine fiends. Reign claims that the drink will increase concentration and reduce fatigue which I cannot speak for aside from the typical benefits of caffeine ingestion. All elements taken into account, I feel that Reign Lemon HDZ has a slightly above average kick.

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