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Red Bull

Red Bull is the OG as far as I'm concerned

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Red Bull is the OG as far as I'm concerned. A unique and standout drink that defined the energy drink segment, was combined with a brilliant marketing strategy to create a market leader. It has its flaws, but they don't take too much away from the whole package. It will be interesting to see if Red Bull can stand the test of time, but thus far it hasn't gone anywhere, and isn't going anywhere soon.



An iconic drink surely has an iconic taste, right? Yep. It's honestly difficult to describe, but that just underlines its distinct flavor. The best I can do is describe it as a sweet, oddly delicious cough syrup. It's a strong taste that grows on you as you with each can. That said, the taste is definitely polarizing, but then again energy drinks as a whole are. In my opinion, it embodies the essential qualities of an energy drink, something that tastes uniquely its own and with enough bite to help the consumer taste the jolt of energy they need. Enough said.



Its distinctive, now iconic can isn't necessarily a work of art, but accomplishes everything it needs to. The mirror like chrome finish is striking and uncommon. The logo of two bulls charging full speed reinforces the marketing strategy that Red Bull has executed so well over the years. While not the prettiest, it's a clean design that fits the drink well and stands out on the shelves.



If you read the taste section you'd already know that the strong flavor of Red Bull provides a nice initial kick. I do think that the carbonation could be stronger for a nice bite. The Red Bull can sizes are on the smaller side, but still manage to pack in 80mg of caffeine in the 8.4oz can and 114 in the 12oz. It isn't the most potent of drinks, but definitely packs a punch for its volume(s).

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