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Quake Berry Blast

In a phrase: decent, but underwhelming

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In a phrase: decent, but underwhelming. Quake Berry Blast does not make any significant mistakes, but it does not excel anywhere either. Unless you desire a specific berry flavor or prefer your energy drinks to taste like a simple soda or juice blend, I think you are better off trying other options.



Berry Blast immediately reminds me of flavors of the past, such as a generic brand soda or a distinct slurpee flavor. Nostalgia aside, it is not the best energy drink I've had, let alone the best Quake flavor. The taste is somewhat comparable to a sweetened fruit juice blend, although I can't quite pinpoint it. The flavor is inoffensive, albeit underwhelming. Sensing a theme?



Quake Berry Blast follows Quake's usual packaging formula. The standard aluminum lid and spaced out text on the label highlight the restrained nature of the can. The color scheme is fitting, sort of a deep electric blue base that evokes the berry flavor. If you've seen one Quake can, you've seen them all, barring the flavor respective color schemes. Certainly not bad packaging, but Berry Blast leaves something to be desired.



Weak. The 250mg of caffeine saves the score here, but if you're looking for a drink that provides some immediate feedback, this is not it.

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