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PRIME Energy Drink Lemon Lime

Prime Lemon Lime stands apart with a unique take on lemon-lime flavor

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Prime Lemon Lime is one of the top tier lemon-lime flavors on the market. The drink could be quite easily compared to Uptime Original Citrus, a highly rated lemon-lime drink. Both drinks are delicious, though I want to note that the Uptime is more similar to lemon-lime sodas (e.g. Sprite) and Prime is more uniquely focused on strong lemon and lime flavors. Prime Lemon Lime offers a great take on lemon-lime flavor and is worth serious consideration.



Fantastic lemon-lime flavor. The sweetness of the lemon balances with a slight lime tartness. The drink is more refreshing than it should be. Prime Lemon Lime stands apart with a unique take on lemon-lime flavor.



Green, very green. I like the simplicity of the can and the way the Prime logo stands out. Obviously the Prime cans differ in color more so than design, but it's a nice design.



Prime Lemon Lime has 200mg of caffeine. This is approximately equivalent to two cups of coffee.

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