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NOS Sonic Sour

If you want your energy drink to taste like candy, this drink is for you

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If you want your energy drink to look and taste like candy, this drink is for you. That is where this drink both succeeds and falls short. The billboard appearance and sugary flavor isn't for everyone, but certainly could appease some crowds.



Have you ever had a green Jolly Rancher? NOS Sonic Sour tastes like 40 green Jolly Ranchers in liquid concentrate form. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't tasty; however it is aggressively sweet.



The bright green can with huge text written everywhere seems like more of an advertisement than a beverage container, but then again this is NOS we're talking about. The drink itself is green as well, both fitting for the in-your-face attitude this product brings.



There was not a strong kick. Perhaps it was the sweetness, but I did not feel an immediate kick to the drink. The bold font on the can proclaims "enhanced mental focus" but I cannot say I felt any such effect.

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