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Mtn Dew Game Fuel Zero Charged Raspberry Lemonade

This is a mediocre tasting beverage in elite packaging

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This is a mediocre tasting beverage in elite packaging. Some phrase comes to mind regarding lipstick and a pig, but that might be over dramatic. It really is a decent drink, but you trade flavor for zero sugar and calories. I'd recommend the drink for those who don't want too much caffeine and prefer a slightly healthier option over taste.



Charged Raspberry Lemonade sounds like a more intense flavor than it is. It vaguely reminds me of a flavored alcoholic drink, without the alcohol of course. Not overly tart, it has a familiarity to other Game Fuel drinks. It is a zero sugar and calorie drink, to which I attribute the muted flavor. The drink lacks the full flavor and sweetness of the normal Game Fuel drinks. Despite this, it is still a quality drink with an inoffensive flavor. It may not stand out amongst its competitors in terms of taste, but it is a decent choice nonetheless.



I like the look of the can. There is a lot going on on the label, but the simplicity of the two primary colors looks really clean. The can also has a grippy texture on some portions of its surface, a feature I often rave about on some Monster cans. It's hard to avoid mentioning the sliding tab at the top of the can. It's a quirky design that feels odd to drink out of, but is extremely convenient at the same time. Having the option to close the lid of your can has uses such as preserving carbonation or preventing the drink from spilling while driving. This Game Fuel can has the looks and the convenience to be a winner.



Charged Raspberry Lemonade has 90 mg of caffeine, approximately the same amount as one cup of coffee. It's a surprisingly low amount for Mountain Dew branded energy drink. Perhaps the rationale is that gamers need less caffeine per can but your guess is as good as mine.

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