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Monster Ultra Blue

If you enjoy Monster's formulaic set of zero sugar energy drinks, Ultra Blue will not disappoint

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If you enjoy Monster's formulaic set of zero sugar energy drinks, Ultra Blue will not disappoint. I haven't found one that I have disliked. That being said, I find that a majority of the zero sugar drinks are almost too similar and don't taste that much different. Ultra Blue falls into that category. I'd place it somewhere in the middle of Monster's zero sugar lineup, which is collectively above average when compared to all other energy drinks.



This is another consistent entry from Monster. It feels like every Ultra Zero based Monster sticks to the formula. This drink is no exception, tasting like the Ultra Zero with just enough added flavoring to give Ultra Blue a distinct flavor. Ultra Blue pushes a frost theme and I'd argue that it tastes accordingly, although it's difficult to describe. It's fairly delicious, but does not do anything different than most zero sugar Monster drinks.



Ultra Blue is just another example of the tried and true packaging formula from Monster's Ultra Zero line. The unique touches for this version include some subtle snowflakes and hidden Monster logos in the chrome graphics flanking the center of the can. Overall, another excellent can from Monster.



I am not sure if the additional ingredients that Monster markets as providing energy work, but in this case I felt a strong reaction. 150mg of caffeine isn't nothing, but definitely falls short of the growing list of energy drinks touting 300mg in each can. Nonetheless, Ultra Blue makes a strong case for not needing an exorbitant amount of caffeine in each can.

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