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Monster Rehab Tea Raspberry

Monster has a winner here and bottled tea brands better watch out.

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I'm extremely impressed. Raspberry Tea is the third Monster Rehab drink that I have reviewed and it outdoes its sibling flavors in appearance and taste. This beverage is the nail in the coffin for any skepticism that I had towards the marriage of tea and an energy drink in one can. Monster has a winner here and bottled tea brands better watch out.



This is it. Rehab Raspberry Tea is the flavor I was looking for. I previously reviewed the Rehab Lemonade and Peach flavors and liked them, but neither lived up to the potential that Monster has in its Rehab line of drinks. Raspberry tea however, is fantastic. I think it is the perfect combination of refreshing tea and delicious raspberry flavor without being overly sweet. I could see myself drinking this quite often. The lack of carbonation in addition to the tea creates a smooth drink that is perfect for those that want an energy boost without the excessive drama found in most energy drinks. Delicious.



Monster Rehab Raspberry Tea looks very similar to the other flavors in the Rehab line of drinks. The primary difference is the color scheme is updated to reflect the Raspberry flavor. The color scheme change, while slight, looks by far the best when compared to the lemonade and peach flavors. The explosion graphic that dominates the label has more graphical depth and is more reflective than the other flavors. It makes a world of difference.



Rehab Raspberry Tea has 155mg of caffeine, 5mg less than the Peach Tea flavor that I previously reviewed. 5mg is negligible, although I am always curious with Monster's thought process towards caffeine amount.

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