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Monster Rehab Tea Lemonade

It's not a world-beater but is ideal for the summer when a nice lemonade would hit the spot

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Monster Rehab Tea Lemonade is a surprisingly uncomplicated drink. I instinctually question any sort of fusion between tea and energy drink flavors in a drink, but found a satisfying result here. Gone is the typical syrupy flavor found in most energy drinks, replaced by a light and less viscous beverage. It still retains a slight amount of tartness you'd expect from lemonade, but thanks to the tea the drink is nearly refreshing. I am admittedly curious how the drink would perform in its "rehab" role, although I'm not curious enough to get a hangover (or whatever I should be rehabbing from) to really test it out. It's not a world-beater, but If you can get past the odd appearance it is ideal for the summer when a nice lemonade would hit the spot.



Tea Lemonade puts more emphasis on the lemonade than the tea. I found it to be slightly tart, but fairly offset by the tea so that it is easily drinkable. I'm still getting used to non-carbonated energy drinks but I found that I didn't miss carbonation in this beverage. Honestly there is not much else to write about; the drink is uncomplicated despite its mouthful of a name.



Monster Rehab Tea Lemonade is a slight departure in the looks department from most Monster drinks. The form factor is the same but what appears to an explosion over a black background is unique to Monster's Rehab product line. The explosion is yellow, presumably to remind you of lemons, but it really doesn't do it for me. A bold explosion on a drink that is supposed to be about rehabbing (presumably from a hangover) seems a little contradictory to me. It also didn't have the grippy texture that I really like from some of Monster's other cans. I like the black background, but the rest of the packaging feels lazy and is fairly mediocre.



It's almost a guessing game trying to determine how much caffeine Monster drinks have. Usually you can get in the ballpark with a guess, but I'd be impressed if somebody guessed 161mg for the Rehab Tea Lemonade. It always seems like Monster has some arbitrary amount up its sleeve. Regardless, I felt like the beverage was a sufficient source of energy - perhaps Monster's made up formula worked in this case.

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