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Monster Maxx Rad Red

a delicious beverage in an efficient package

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The Monster Maxx Rad Red is a delicious beverage in an efficient package. This drink is more versatile due to it's smaller form factor yet higher caffeine content. I find that 200mg is the sweet spot for caffeine content on the higher end of the spectrum. It seems more casual than drinking a normal sized can of Monster, and the flavor matches. The sweet flavor reminds me of candy and is more reminiscent of a drink made by Bang Energy. In this instance, that is a good thing, as one of Bang's best qualities is having bold flavors. All in all, this is another delicious drink from Monster, albeit with radical packaging and flavor.



If energy drinks get one thing right, it's that they always tastes like the artificial flavors you associate with the given color. Rad Red, as you'd expect, tastes like a tastes like a sweet candy flavor with hints of cherry. The flavor is slightly tart, but not distractingly so. It's a delicious flavor that balances sweet and tart very well.



The Maxx Rad Red comes in a sharp looking package, although it's a mostly familiar one. The black background and lid, in combination with the explosive graphic are quite similar to Monster's Rehab Tea drinks. The two unique qualities of the Maxx line of drinks are the skinnier 12 fl. oz. form factor and angled Monster logo. Both qualities are not found in the most common Monster drinks, making this drink a refreshingly diverse offering.



Monster Maxx Rad Red has 200mg of caffeine, slightly more than 2 cups of coffee. Notably, the drink has 200mg in only 12 fl. oz., which is a higher caffeine-to-volume ratio than most Monster drinks. This makes the drink perfect for road trips where bathroom stops are not an option, but energy is a must.

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