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Monster Lo-Carb Original

traditional Monster flavor comes with an added berry flavor and fewer carbs and sugar

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Monster Lo-Carb is a nice variation of a classic. It's simple can design (relative to Monster's standards) hints at its traditional Monster flavor, which isn't wrong. That being said, the traditional Monster flavor comes with an added berry flavor and fewer carbs and sugar. That's a pretty solid package if you ask me. No, it isn't a world beater but it's an excellent option to have.



Low in carbs does not equate to minimal flavor. The classic Monster formula is present, with its usual syrupy flavor. Unique to the Lo-Carb Monster are the hints of berry embedded in the classic flavor. The resulting combination is a sweet and complex flavor. It may not be for everyone as it is very heavy, closer to a soda from the fountain. This is common for most syrupy energy drinks, but does not feel as light and refreshing as other options.



The shape of the can is unremarkable. Despite the somewhat outdated can, the Monster logo still shines against the blank, black background. The light blue that Monster chose as an accent color is striking, and reflects well on the can tab. It is not the most exciting design from Monster, although I find it suitable for a classic.



Monster Lo-Carb has 140mg of caffeine. This is approximately equivalent to just under two cups of coffee.

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