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Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Lime Grenade

Cherry Lime Grenade is one of the better attempts at cherry-lime flavors

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Cherry Lime Grenade is one of the better attempts at cherry-lime flavors. It avoids tasting extremely artificial, which plagues some similar products. The lime flavor evokes lime juice an blends well with the cherry. It isn't a top-tier drink, but settles well above average. The flavor is backed by a boldly designed can that stands out from other products.



Cherry Lime Grenade is a bold flavor name, so I shouldn't have been surprised by the bold lime flavor. Regardless, I was still caught off guard by the amount of lime in the flavor. The lime flavor doesn't seem artificial, actually tastes quite like actual lime juice. Despite the boldness of the lime, the cherry mixes in well for a solid combination. The resulting flavor is tart, but not obnoxiously so. It's a captivating flavor without feeling chintzy.



I choose to believe that form follows function for this product. The bold flavor is reflected in Kill Cliff's can design. The excess of text and fonts is splattered all over the can. Kill Cliff somehow makes it work though, as most of it is legible and eye catching. My biggest complaint revolves around the smaller text in the nutrition facts label and on other parts of the can, it appears blurry and misprinted. Small gripe aside, Kill Cliff has a unique looking can here.



Kill Cliff Cherry Lime Grenade has 150mg of caffeine. That's approximately equivalent to 1.5 cups of coffee.

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