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Jocko Go Black Cherry Vanilla

The worst energy drink I've ever had

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The worst energy drink I've ever had. My dreams of Black Cherry and Vanilla were crushed by a horribly bitter taste. The bitterness had me checking the label for the wrong flavor, expiration dates, and bizarre ingredients. Unfortunately, nothing was off. I didn't even make it through half of the can. Onto the next.



The worst energy drink I've ever had. I tried it and immediately thought it went bad or was a defective product. Both cherry and vanilla flavors make an brief appearance, before immediately resolving to a bitter, strong taste. That taste overrides anything else that the drink could offer and even dominates the aftertaste. The flavor was so strong and offensive I checked the label to see if I accidentally drank some sort of coffee variant. The ingredients list includes Monk Fruit Extract, which makes me wonder if it plays a role in the aftertaste. I forced a couple more sips and decided that flavor was as if the cherry juice they used went sour. The journey ends there, I couldn’t drink any more.



The drink's flavor, Black Cherry Vanilla, is only apparent from the small text on the front of the can. It doesn't bother me at all, the typical move is to decorate your can so that even your mother can tell what flavor it is. The dark camo theme provides a nice background and is accompanied by the military green and orange. The whole package looks decent, but doesn't move the needle.



Jocko Go Black Cherry Vanilla has 95 mg of caffeine. This is approximately equal to one cup of coffee.

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