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Cocaine Energy Drink Spicy

This is an experience, not a drink.

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This is an experience, not a drink. I was expecting a heavy cinnamon flavor. Instead, I got red Kool-Aid laced with an amount of pepper that could warrant an assault charge. The sweetness is there for a split second before being overtaken by what I assume is the chili pepper extract. It tickles my throat on the way down, but has the occasional benefit of awakening my sinuses. Cocaine Spicy is a drink that I have experienced, and probably will not attempt to drink again anytime soon.



Whatever sweet flavor that first presents itself is quickly consumed by a burning sensation. The drink is less "spicy" than it is offensive to the human body. A quick look at the ingredients list reveals chili pepper extract to be the likely culprit. It really does feel like a sweet, red Kool-Aid flavor that has been laced with several shakes of a pepper shaker.



The bold red background looks sharp. I enjoy how the text on the label stands out from the background that covers the entirety of the can's vertical surface. The two pictures of peppers on the side are a warning of what is to come. Unfortunately I found that the fringes of the can's label suffer from similar degrading as I observed on the Mixed Berry can.



Cocaine Spicy has 280mg of caffeine in only 12 fl. oz. of drink. That is approximately equivalent to three cups of coffee in drink the size of a Starbucks "Tall."

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