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Cocaine Energy Drink Mixed Berry

Cocaine Mixed Berry is a great berry flavor that'll get after you. I guess every rose has its thorn.

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Despite the absurdity of it all, I was quite impressed with the flavor. Larger drink companies should take notes for the creation of any new berry flavors. The delicious flavor comes with 280mg of caffeine in only 12 fl. oz., so be careful. Thanks to production issues, I also found out that the can could bite. In summary, Cocaine Mixed Berry is a great berry flavor that'll get after you. I guess every rose has its thorn.



I had too many preconceived notions that the flavor of this ridiculously branded beverage. My expectations were shattered as it turns out the flavor is quite good. Mixed Berry has one of the best berry flavorings that I've tried. The berry flavor straddles the line between accurate natural flavor and delicious sweetness of an artificial beverage. Very impressed.



We have to talk about the brand name, "Cocaine" written vertically in a font you couldn't even find on Microsoft Word. The singular blue background enables the text to stand out for everyone to see. The branding and appearance are their own sales pitch and marketing campaign, to no one's surprise. My biggest gripe involves the label of the can, which is poorly applied. The label on my can and other's I've seen were peeling at the fringes. The biggest issue though, was the location that the seam where the label starts and ends. It was aligned directly underneath the mouth of the can, resulting in abrasiveness when taking a sip. I believe this to be a production issue as I did not observe it on other cans I've seen.



Cocaine Mixed Berry has 280mg of caffeine in only 12 fl. oz. of drink. That is approximately equivalent to three cups of coffee in drink the size of a Starbucks "Tall."

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