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CELSIUS Sparkling Orange

This drink has reinvigorated my desire to try more CELSIUS flavors

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Sparkling Orange is the best CELSIUS flavor I've had thus far. The orange flavor is somewhat reminiscent of a freshly squeezed orange, albeit slightly tart. It avoids being bland, a common side effect of health focused drinks. The packaging is bright and inviting, which complements the drink nicely. This drink has reinvigorated my desire to try more CELSIUS flavors.



This is what I am looking for in a CELSIUS. The orange flavor tastes moderately close to natural orange juice. Unlike a few other CELSIUS flavors, the taste is full, avoiding a seltzer like blandness. The drink is slightly tart, I'm unsure if that is due to the sucralose or citric acid. The carbonation is average and provides a nice texture. Sparkling Orange is a simple yet quality flavor that CELSIUS and other brands should strive for.



Sparkling Orange doesn't far from stray from CELSIUS' corporate look. It's a clean design, that appropriately distributes sections with varying level of detail. The orange slice pictured on the front just looks refreshing.



Sparkling Orange has 200mg of caffeine, roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee. The can is only 12 fl oz., so consume wisely.

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