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CELSIUS Sparkling Kiwi Guava

Kiwi Guava is one of the best drinks in CELSIUS' Sparkling product line

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Kiwi Guava is one of the best drinks in CELSIUS' Sparkling product line. Its best quality is the complex and delicious flavor. I complain that the drink cans across the line appear to similar, though that's a small blemish on the sharp design of the cans. The bold flavor in conjunction with absence of classically unhealthy ingredients should hopefully put a little pressure on the mainstream energy drink brands to refine their product, nutritionally speaking.



I am not really a fan of kiwi. No matter, this drink transcends any dislike. Unlike some of the other CELSIUS Sparkling flavors that have a singular flavor profile based on one fruit, Kiwi Guava has competing tastes blending together. The end result is a complex and stimulating flavor.



CELSIUS differentiates each product in its Sparkling line by the picture on the label and the accent color. Aside from the fruit pictures, Kiwi Guava has an extremely similar accent color to Raspberry Acai Green Tea. The similarity between the two is a little too close and could be visually confusing on the shelves. Aside from that nitpicking, the CELSIUS corporate packaging continues to have a clean look.



CELSIUS Kiwi Guava has 200mg of caffeine. The drink is roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee.

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