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CELSIUS Blood Orange Lemonade

I don't expect everyone to enjoy Blood Orange Lemonade, but I certainly did.

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I'll always give some credit to products that have a unique flavor. Blood Orange Lemonade is an unusual, if not eccentric flavor. It works though, and combines to form a sweet and tart flavor. Neither the lemonade nor the tart flavors overpower each other. Notably, the drink is one of two in Celsius' BCAA product line. It is focused on exercise recovery and only has 100mg of caffeine. I don't expect everyone to enjoy Blood Orange Lemonade, but I certainly did.



Blood Orange Lemonade is a complex flavor like its name suggests. The drink balances the sweetness of lemonade and a distinct tartness. "Blood Orange" doesn't really mean anything to me and the nutrition label actually lists 250mg of "Tart Cherry Extract." That ingredient might be a better indication of the contrasting flavor against the lemonade. I enjoyed the end result, though I suspect that this flavor could be divisive. The lemonade component isn't overwhelming and the drink is still smooth despite the moderate tartness.



Celsius' usual form factor looks good here, with a reddish orange color scheme and detailed pictures on the front. The black bar on the bottom provides a nice contrast against the other colors.



CELSIUS Blood Orange Lemonade has 100mg of caffeine. That is approximately equivalent to one cup of coffee. Most CELSIUS products have 200mg of caffeine; Blood Orange Lemonade is part of the BCAA energy line, which only has 100mg of caffeine in its flavors.

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