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BANG Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is a moderately tasty choice in a sea of bold flavors from Ban

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I genuinely wonder if they have a mad scientist down at the lab when they are deciding on and creating these drink flavors. It's difficult to imagine a board room discussion about how Key Lime Pie would be a good energy drink flavor. Then again, I suspect that the Bang marketing team has a shockingly high amount of input on product decisions. Key Lime Pie is a moderately tasty choice in a sea of bold flavors from Bang. Choice is a great thing, and I'm glad that Key Lime Pie is available. Will I get it again anytime soon? No, but the next time I have a hankering for a slice of key lime pie it could be a nice substitute.



Bang has done it again in terms of flavor accuracy. The initial second or two of each sip has a strong key lime pie flavor, almost as if you were actually eating a bite of pie. It quickly falls short after that, as most drinks that attempt to recreate specific flavors do. The aftertaste isn't bad, it's just not as satisfying as the initial bite of the flavor. I personally really enjoy key lime pie and I feel that this drink does an excellent job of capturing that flavor. Regardless, it leaves me with some hesitations as a drink flavor. I view it as more of a novelty and a change of pace than a serious go-to drink.



The color scheme immediately reminds me of the Mystery Van from Scooby Do. Bang usually does a good job of reflecting the flavor in its can design and this is no exception. The bold colors are eye catching on shelf, although appearance only goes so far when the flavor is polarizing in itself.



Bang Key Lime Pie has 300mg of caffeine, approximately equivalent to 3 cups of coffee. 300mg is the standard amount found in Bang energy drinks. Consumers should be cautious with the level of caffeine found in this drink.

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