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BANG Cherry Blade Lemonade

Bang has a winner here, perfect for severely under-caffeinated individuals

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I believe this is the best Bang I've reviewed thus far. Don't be confused by it's overcomplicated title, Cherry Blade Lemonade is actually perfect for those who enjoy cherry limeade drinks as this beverage is tart and closer to lime in flavor. At 300mg of caffeine, only true caffeine fiends should consume the whole can in one sitting. Overall, Bang has a winner here, perfect for severely under-caffeinated individuals.



This is the best Bang flavor I've had thus far. Cherry Blade Lemonade tastes as complex as it sounds. The flavor fluctuates between sweet and tart in a captivating fashion. It has "lemonade" in its name, but honestly tastes closer to cherry limeade due to the tartness. You can hear the carbonation bubbles popping in the can as it sits. I haven't decided whether I am for or against that particular element, so I won't hold that against Bang for now. Functionally, the can isn't too slippery but doesn't have any unique characteristics.



All Bang energy drinks that I've seen have the same general appearance. Cherry Blade Lemonade is one of the better looking Bang drinks I've seen. The color scheme is fitting and visually appealing. It certainly stands out on the store shelves. Despite all the praise I'm not in love with the general Bang design scheme and that limits the appearance score ceiling a tad.



Cherry Blade Lemonade has 300mg of caffeine like all other Bang drinks that I've reviewed. It is not to be messed with if you are sensitive to caffeine. Personally I don't drink it all at once and find that even half is plenty for me.

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