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UPTIME Original Citrus Sugar Free

Original Citrus is the gold standard for the refreshing, moderate caffeine-content group of energy drinks.

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Welcome to the thunderdome of energy drink reviews! Uptime Original Citrus, and Uptime in general is a drink that I’ve referenced frequently in other reviews, whether it’s directly comparing qualities or just hyping it up as the gold standard. Original Citrus is unique in many ways, while also being simple in appearance and taste, so I’m excited to finally get a review out for it and speak my mind.



The bar used to be Monster Zero Ultra for simple and refreshing energy drinks, but there’s a new king in town. CRISP is the best way to describe the mouth feel, which comes from the high carbonation. As far as sweetness goes, I would say 7 or 8 out of 10 from that perspective. Think of Sprite, but with heavier carbonation and a stronger citrus flavor. For those reasons I’m putting it on the Mount Rushmore of energy drinks for me, coming in at 9.7 for taste.



I gave a 9 for Uptime Blueberry Pomegranate so I’ll stick with that rating here. It’s a super unique can, being tall up and down with the predominantly white design. It’s smart by Uptime because I think it makes the can look like 16oz, while actually being 12. I’m also a fan of the simple color scheme and minimalist design.



Kick isn’t bad, especially for the 12oz can. At 142mg it slots in with the traditional 16oz Monsters as well as the 12/16oz Red Bulls (when comparing it to mainstream energy drinks). With the excellent taste you’re going to want to drink this all the time, but don’t expect to be jumping off the walls. It’s more of a refreshing pick-me-up.


Original Citrus is the gold standard for the refreshing, moderate caffeine-content group of energy drinks, and one of my absolute favorites overall at 9.5. Let me know if I’m crazy - or if it’s one of your favorites as well.

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