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UPTIME Blueberry Pomegranate Sugar Free

Despite the relatively low caffeine content, I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a refreshing, fruity kick.

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This is an exciting review for me for a couple of reasons -
1. The original sugar free Uptime is one of my all time favorites, so the bar is high.
2. I ordered a case on Amazon and it came in ONE day. Incredible.
3. I’m writing this during my 9-5 work day, so I’m feeling reckless at the moment.
Let’s get into it.



I usually start my taste reviews by comparing it to a common soda or energy drink, but it’s oddly difficult to draw a comparison here. I’ll start by saying that I’m a big fan of Uptime and that this is very similar to the sugar-free Original Citrus (white can). It’s like a lighter and more refreshing version of Monster Zero Ultra, with blueberry pomegranate flavor that holds true to its name. It’s highly carbonated with a lot of mouth feel. The sucralose flavor, aka fake sugar, is noticeable if that’s something that you like or bothers you.



My local 7-11 only has the basic sugar free and standard Uptime flavors, so it was pretty cool to see that there are another 4 or 5 flavors on Amazon. I’m a big fan of the simple can, which makes it look like there’s more than 12 fl oz in it. Their recent design overhaul was adding fruit pictures to the back of the can, which is a nice touch.



The kick for 12oz is nice, and maybe it’s just the placebo effect from the taste and marketing but it feels like a clean caffeine high. I would recommend it for a refreshing pick me up. Unless you’re a caffeine noob this isn’t going to give you a serious rush.


All-in-all an awesome addition to the Uptime family of drinks. The flavor is sweet, with what tastes like a legit combination of blueberry and pomegranate, in addition to the classic carbonation and mouth feel.

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