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Triton Salted Watermelon

Sugary watermelon gummies but with a salty aftertaste.

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This is one of the drinks that I've been actively avoiding despite being excited for a new Triton flavor. Ever since I had a salty lassi at an Indian restaurant I am genuinely scared of salty beverages. For those of you interested in my lassi adventures I did redeem it with a delicious mango lassi I had in Brooklyn.



One of the worst first sips that I've ever had; my fears for salty drinks have been confirmed. I really wanted to dump it out immediately, but I'm glad I kept going. It did grow on me.

It tastes like the sugary watermelon gummies but with a salty aftertaste. Really sweet, and then really salty.



Triton's got a cool can for being a store brand (7-11). The pink meshes well with the constellation design.



200mg of caffeine. I broke it out and drank half one day, half the next, and was pleasantly surprised with the kick I got both times.


If you like sweet watermelon I think you'll like this, but don't be like me, be prepared for the saltiness!

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