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Starbucks Tripleshot Energy Dark Chocolate

If you like sweet, iced coffee, and you like chocolate; you’ll probably love this drink.

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Usually when I’m drinking an atypical energy drink, it’s something weird like kombucha and I have to justify the review for myself. For Starbucks Tripleshot, I feel like the name speaks for itself. 225mg of caffeine and sweet, this fits nicely into the traditional use case for an energy drink.



Taste is above average, for sure. My preference when I’m drinking coffee is minimal sweetness, so I thought that the Dark Chocolate flavor might dial the sweetness back. But alas, it’s a canned starbucks drink so it’s gonna be super sweet. The dark chocolate doesn’t come through as strong as I would have hoped. It mostly just tastes like milk chocolate since it’s so sweet. With that said, if you like sweet, iced coffee, and you like chocolate; you’ll probably love this drink. It’s as simple as that. For me, it’s a 6.8.



It’s a nice can. The lines are clean and it has some colors that make it stand out - orange and purple, in addition to the silver base.



Giving a 9 for kick since it packs almost a perfect punch for me. I like drinks that hover around 200, as a nice middle ground between say an 8oz Red Bull and 20oz Reign or Bang. It also has Niacin, Calcium, and Vitamins A, B6, and C.


To wrap up, I enjoy this drink but there’s nothing about it that would make me go away from normal black coffee, or a traditional energy drink to get my caffeine fix, unless I’m really looking for a cure for a sweet tooth.

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