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Rowdy Energy Strawberry Lemonade

Great strawberry lemonade flavor with just the right amount of bite.

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Rowdy Energy so far has been a mixed bag. Some good some bad. They’ve all had an underlying bitterness, probably from the green tea, that makes it somewhat of a niche and non-traditional flavor. The various fruit flavors I’ve tried have been hit or miss, so I’m excited to try strawberry lemonade which sounds like it has potential.



Ok, this is the best Rowdy so far. I don’t think I’ve had a strawberry lemonade flavored energy drink so props to Kyle Busch and the Rowdy team on that. The strawberry lemonade is true to form and the perfect amount of sweet. The bitterness isn’t as present here as I was expecting, but maybe the green tea just meshes really well with the rest of the drink.



Big fan of the Rowdy cans. Clean with a nice logo.



160mg of caffeine per can and zero sugar. They advertise “keto diet approved” if that’s your jam.


Think of a really refreshing strawberry lemonade on a hot day, and that’s the taste and vibe that this drink brings. I appreciate that it’s not too sweet because that makes it all the more re-drinkable. Would recommend to anyone who likes lemonade and energy drinks.

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