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Rowdy Energy Peach Mango

Bitter version of Snapple peach tea. Good if you know what you're getting yourself into.

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Back for another review of Kyle Busch's signature energy drink, Rowdy. This time it's Peach Mango, which honestly sounds delicious. Excited to see how those fruit flavors mesh with the green tea base of Rowdy Energy.



I'll keep this simple for the people; it's a more bitter version of Snapple Peach Tea (or pick any peach tea that you've had). I like it a lot, but I can see how the bitterness could turn away someone looking for a traditional energy drink. That said, it's still a refreshing drink. If you like IPAs, black coffee, or kombucha, and enjoy peach and mango, then you'll definitely like this beverage.



I'm a fan of the Rowdy cans and this is no exception. Clean design that works with the orange and yellow (mango and peach) color scheme.



160mg of caffeine, so about the average 16oz Monster. I personally have had smooth experiences drinking Rowdy, no jitters or crash.


Rowdy Energy Peach Mango is a drink that I personally like, but hesitate to recommend to everyone. Be sure to hit me up to tell me what you think!

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