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Rowdy Energy Orange Citrus

A weird mix of green tea and orange cream soda.

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Time to get into Cameron's Christmas gift - a 12 pack of Rowdy Energy, which is a brand that I've never tried before. Matt's reaction after trying one was something like "tart in a way that made it not-refreshing". Green tea is advertised on the can, which intrigues me in a good way.



Tart is a good descriptor off the bat. I can taste the green tea, but it's not strong which is probably what Matt was tasting. The orange isn't just an orange or orange soda flavor, which is what I expected. The aftertaste is reminiscent of cream soda but it fades quickly.



I like the can a lot actually. Sick logo, clean lines, and good marketing (green tea, endurance and focus, and enhanced hydration energy). Casting a wide net with that advertising. The can has a wrap on the outside, if that makes sense. Like it's printed on top of a plastic wrap on top of the can. Gives it a "matte finish" look and feel that I dig.



Kick is 160mg of caffeine, which appeals more and more to me as I try to control my caffeine addiction (unsuccessfully). I'd appreciate it more if it was 200mg, but that's just a personal preference.


To wrap up, I like it but wouldn't get it again. I think there's potential with the green tea energy drink combo, but orange cream soda isn't hitting it out the park for me.

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