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Rip It Sting-er Mo

Cheap, OG Monster knock off that's true to taste.

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A Rip It flavor I've never seen before? Enough said. For 99 cents I'm picking that up every time, no questions asked.



I shoulda known from the color scheme... it's another classic OG Monster knock off. I say that lovingly since they accurately copied the taste, and for 99 cents that's a good thing. Without having an OG Monster in front of me for a taste test, I'd say the Rip It is just ever so slightly sweeter.



I don't love or hate the can. Relative to other Rip It flavors, the name and design aren't nearly as weird so I'll give a slightly above average rating.



160mg of caffeine giving me a nice, mild boost. 55g of sugar so do watch out for the crash.


Overall one of the best Rip Its I've had, which isn't saying too much. As the cheapest energy drink on the market, though, pumping out an average to above average taste profile is commendable (even if it's a copycat).

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