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Rip It F Bomb

If you like fruit punch you'll love Rip It F Bomb.

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My energy drink selection is sparse in DC, so when I came across a full row of Rip Its I've never seen my eyes lit up. Priced from .99 to 1.25, the bang for your buck is hard to beat. However, my ratings and overall enjoyment of the Rip It flavors I've had are all over the map. I'm excited to see if these new flavors are more consistently delicious.



First sip is good, it's a nicely carbonated fruit punch with a twist. My intuition tells me that this is a split from the original Rip It formula, if that exists, since it doesn't taste at all similar to Wild Lime or C.Y.P.-X. It's not top tier by any means, but I can't poke any holes in the flavor profile.



Rip It is nothing if not consistent - this can is simple, yet colorful and aggressive. Part of the reason I grabbed the drink was 100% the name so I guess I have to give a bonus point for that.

The color scheme makes me think the taste will be citrus-y or tropical, maybe mixed with cherry.



The sweet spot, 200mg. Lotta sugar at 51g.


Good energy drink at a great price. I like the way Rip It is going if the rest of their new lineup is at all similar. If you like fruit punch you'll love Rip It F Bomb.

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