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Reign Storm Citrus Zest

If you're into citrus flavored energy drinks, I definitely recommend.

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Running through the Reign Storm lineup. Let's keep it going.



The citrus flavor is really nice and refreshing. Carbonation is on the higher end, which tracks with the OG Reign lineup. I think grapefruit is an underrepresented flavor in the energy drink world. And while it's noticeable here, I do wish it was a bit stronger in the citrus flavor profile.

Unfortunately it has a bit of an aftertaste that I think is from the Sucralose.



I love the Reign Storm cans. This one specifically has eye popping colors and the fruit are kinda HD.



200mg of caffeine, 10 calories, and 0 sugar. Love the boost from Reign Storm.


If you're into citrus flavored energy drinks I definitely recommend. Check it out and let me know if you agree that the grapefruit should be more heavily featured.

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