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Reign Mang-O-Matic

Refreshing sweetness in tandem with the light mango flavor are an excellent combination.

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As a fan of mango drinks in general I’m pumped to try Mang-O-Matic. Since Monster owns Reign (fun fact), I’m curious if it will taste like Mango Loco, which is more of a juice blend, or NOS Nitro Mango which is more of the classic, sparkling energy drink. The 300mg of caffeine doesn’t hurt either.



Taste is definitely more on the NOS Nitro Mango side. It’s not even close to the juice, syrup-y flavor that you get with Monster Mango Logo. While I remember Nitro Mango having a strong mango flavor, this is more dialed back. It’s still sweet, but the sweet reminds me of a soda sweetener. Less of a strong, fruity sweetness. All that said, it’s an excellent flavor. 8 for me. It’s refreshing, and the dialed back mango flavor makes it more re-drinkable, in my opinion.



6 for appearance since I like, but don’t love the Reign cans and orange + blue is a nice color scheme for the Reign logo. That is a knight on the can, right? 90% is it, 10% I’m an idiot and it’s obviously something else.



Kick is nice with 300mg of caffeine. I also like that it has electrolytes, for those of you who would consider this before or after a workout.


Overall I’m impressed. It’s different from the other common Mango energy drinks on the market, and with 300mg of caffeine it absolutely has its niche. I’m interested to hear from the people, if you all share my opinion on re-drinkability. I think the refreshing sweetness in tandem with the light mango flavor are an excellent combination.

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