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Reign Lemon HDZ

Tastes exactly like lemon candy. Sweet and smooth, but low re-drinkability.

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In my fridge I had a Bang Frose Rose and Reign Lemon HDZ, and the fact that you're reading this review means you know which one I chose to drink first. I've never had either, but Cameron recommended Lemon HDZ to me as a mixer for alcohol - margaritas specifically. I'm excited to either clown him for that take or agree with him wholeheartedly. No in between.



Lemon HDZ tastes exactly like lemon candy. I'm not sure if I'm talking about lemondrops, or lemonheads, or if there's a difference (seriously, is there?); but it's seriously giving me flashbacks. It's really sweet, which is typical for Reign. Carbonation is average, which leads to a nice mouth feel. I can see what Cameron was saying about being a good mixer - the sweetness would absolutely mix well with vodka or tequila. Original recipe Four Loko here we come.



Monster did a good job with the Reign logo, but nothing special about this blue and yellow design.



Reign packs as punch, as you probably know. At the higher level of the caffeine spectrum at 300mg. Be careful if you're a lightweight, but I've always had a good experience with Reign and this is no exception.


As a drink with low re-drinkability, in my opinion, I'm going to bump this lower than it probably should be for how smooth and delicious it is. If you specifically like sweet, lemon flavor then it's 100% that you'll love Lemon HDZ because the taste is spot on. I'll try to update if I ever try mixing this with alcohol. I feel like it would go great with some Tito's.

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