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Reign Inferno Red Dragon

Smooth fruit punch flavor with melon aftertaste that walks the fine line of re-drinkability by not being too sweet.

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So after seeing Cameron go through the most ridiculous energy drinks flavors I’ve ever seen (Carnival Candy, Jalapeno Strawberry, Peach Fizz, etc.) I caved and picked up a flavor I’ve never seen - Reign Inferno Red Dragon, of course even more ridiculous of a name. I guess “thermogenic” is the buzzword of the week with Rockstar coming out with a thermogenic drink as well. I have zero expectations coming into this so let’s see how it goes.



I’ve been dishing out some high reviews recently, so maybe I’m getting soft, but the taste here is amazing. The flavor is fruit punch, like a spiked hi-c (do they still sell those?) with a sweet melon aftertaste. Really the only downside for me here is the carbonation, which I think could be higher. However, the low carbonation does make it go down extremely smooth. Who’s not into smooth drinks? The sweetness is perfect for me, but I could see someone with a sweeter tooth preferring a bit stronger of an aftertaste.



Honestly, I think the logo is stupid. And try-hard. Trying to pander to the crowd who thinks they’re “energy drink warriors” I guess. But I do like the gray background that’s somewhat stone-like. Small boost for that. Pours out clear with low to medium carbonation.



The kick is top-tier at 300mg of caffeine and zero sugar. Plus did I mention it’s thermogenic?


I’d love to hear from the Frenzy on this one because I feel like I’m going soft, but the taste seriously hit the spot for me. If the carbonation was higher I would consider bumping this up to a 9.5 or perfect 10. The Reign Jalapeno Strawberry is still going to be a tough sell, but I’m excited to give the rest of the Reign arsenal a try.

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