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Reign Cherry Limeade

Smooth, well-balanced 300mg energy drink. Cherry is candy-sweet with muted limeade flavor.

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Reign Cherry Limeade - part of the new Reign Lineup along with White Gummy Bear and Watermelon Warlord. I'm a big cherry limeade fan and there hasn't been a miss among all of the Reigns I've had, so the bar is staggeringly high. A couple of my friends have tried it and told me it's great as well.



My buddy described the taste as not exactly cherry limeade, but more like a cherry tootsie pop. I couldn't have put it more eloquently. It's definitely cherry, and the cherry is candy-sweet. The limeade part is not distinct or overwhelming, if you want to call it limeade. The limeade flavor comes through in a slightly bitter aftertaste that washes out a bit of the sweetness. It's a nice contrast and keeps the beverage from being too sweet.



Reign has a nice can design. Yellow and red look cool on the front logo and the texture on the can makes it easy to grip.



300mg of natural caffeine. I'm so used to 160mg Monsters I was basically chugging it until I got to writing this section of my review. Good thing it's sunny and 70 today in VA - I'll go out and run suicides to take advantage of this kick.


Reign does NOT miss! It's not the best taste, but it's a smooth, well-balanced 300mg energy drink; which is a win in my book. Next on the docket is Reign Inferno Watermelon Warlord so stay tuned.

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