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RedCon1 Vice City

Blast of sweet tropical flavor, and a bigger than expected boost. What's not to love?

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Free energy drinks always taste better. I don't make the rules.

My buddy Justin picked this up at Vitamin Shoppe for me to try and I couldn't be more excited to try it. WTF is a RedCon1? Never heard of this brand in my life.



The taste is definitely true to the can - and the name - if that even makes any sense. Each sip hits with one, massive blast of flavor. No real aftertaste or pre-taste to speak of.

The massive blast of flavor is best described as a tropical candy. Definite hints of pineapple and strawberry, and the fizziness makes me think of pop rocks.



The can is awesome. It caught my eye even in the picture that Justin sent me.

RedCon1 has a cool logo, and the fruit at the top of the can is a nice touch.



200mg of caffeine, with 0 grams of sugar and 0 calories. Not sure if it's the nootropics, taurine, and/or L-carnitine, but definitely a bigger energy boost than I was expecting for 200mg of caffeine.


I think you'll like this one if you're into sweet, carbonated energy drinks. I love the energy blend which should appeal to a wide range of consumers.

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