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Red Bull Yellow Edition Tropical

Impressively refreshing with an inoffensive, vaguely pineapple-based taste profile.

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Red Bull Tropical is one that I've had a number of times before Caffeine Shark even existed. You could say I'm pretty familiar with the taste and energy profile. It's one that I come back to every once in a while, so let's take a refresher (ha!) course and see if it lives up to expectations.



Taste is the typical Red Bull formula, with medium carbonation and a light bite/bitterness. Whether or not you like this drink will really depend on if you like that formula. The tropical flavor is a vaguely fruity and tropical, true to its name. No single fruit shines through, but gun to my head it would be pineapple. Sweetness is very much in the middle range. I'd be surprised if anyone into energy drinks as a whole thinks this is too sweet, especially in the world we now live of Bang Energy.



I like the simple, monocolor "Edition" cans but I'm sure this one is especially subjective. That in combination with the yellow color that pops makes it a 7 for me. Pours with medium carbonation.



I'm drinking an 8.4 oz can, so the kick is about as much as your standard cup of coffee. Which isn't a bad thing! Just don't expect too much caffeine from this and you'll be great.


Overall, Red Bull Yellow Edition is a top tier choice in the fruity Red Bull lineup. It's impressively refreshing with an inoffensive taste profile. I'd recommend it as a pick-me-up that you can come back to fairly often without getting tired of it.

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