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Red Bull Orange Edition Tangerine

Simple Red Bull formula with tangerine flavor. On the less sweet side.

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Time for another Red Bull review! My expectations for Red Bull are usually pretty tempered, since their flavors almost always fall into the "good not great" category for me.



Arctic Berry overwhelmed me with flavor (in a good way), but Tangerine just kind of whelmed me. I would say it's very similar to the other orange/tangerine energy drinks on the market, e.g. Monster Ultra Sunrise, Rockstar Recovery Orange, while still having the distinct Red Bull flavor - which I would describe as slightly bitter. It's definitely not sweeter than the Monster or Rockstar equivalent, which puts it on the lower side of the sweetness sliding scale. I do like Red Bull, and the tangerine flavor is refreshing, but this maxes out at a 7.2 in taste for me.



The classic can for their various color "Edition" lineup, with orange and silver. I'm a fan of the clean lines and minimalist design, so 6.5 for me here.



This is an 8.4oz can so it only has 80mg of caffeine. Nothing to write home about; basically a cup of coffee. Sometimes that's all you want, though, so the smaller Red Bulls absolutely have a niche.


To conclude, if you love tangerine and you love Red Bull, you'll love this drink. I know Red Bull is a somewhat polarizing beverage, and to be honest I don't think this drink is going to turn the tides for any of the haters. People already in the Red Bull ecosystem will enjoy the addition of a classic flavor to the already solid lineup.

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