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Red Bull

Sweet, bitter, and vaguely fruity. You really have to try it to understand.

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Time to review what many consider to be THE original energy drink. A surprisingly polarizing beverage, I've heard every response possible when talking about Red Bull. It's disgusting, it's delicious, it's only good as a mixer... and everything in between. To understand why, I think you have to actually try it, but I'll do my best as an "expert".



I actually cheated and Googled what Red Bull (original) is supposed to taste like, with no official results. On Reddit I saw bubblegum, cherry, lemon, and day-old mountain dew. Somehow, none of those answers are wrong. It's sweet, bitter, and vaguely fruity. Maybe tropical. Again, you really have to try it to see if you'll like it, but I do enjoy it and recommend. Carbonation says light on the can, but I feel like it's closer to average carbonation on the energy drink carbonation spectrum.



Red Bull didn't get to where it is with crappy marketing. To me, the small, slim cans have a lot to do with their success. It looks like more than 8.4oz. And as far as design, which is obviously subjective, I like the clean lines and symmetry as well as the logo.



The 8.4oz can I'm drinking has 80mg of caffeine and 27mg of sugar. It doesn't advertise its energy blend on the can, but I see that it has Taurine in the ingredients.


It's been a while since I had the original Red Bull, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a time when casually drinking an original Red Bull was dead to me (after doing a few too many Jager Bombs), but I'll definitely be reaching for another soon.

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