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Quake Orange Fusion

Orange soda flavor with a smooth vanilla aftertaste. I like it as a change of pace that also packs a caffeine punch.

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This is my third Quake in the last week, with another waiting for me in my fridge, and I’m not even mad about it. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions (and caffeine) after being disappointed by Quake Original, which tasted like a watered down Red Bull, and then being floored by how good Quake Black Cherry was. Admittedly I’m a sucker for black cherry flavor, so I can’t wait to see how 7-11, who manufactures Quake, did with Quake Orange Fusion.



Another banger to follow up Quake Black Cherry, in my opinion. This tastes EXACTLY like the Creamsicle pops you can get from ice cream trucks (Choco Taco energy drink, anyone?). Or orange cream soda, because that’s a thing right?

It hits you with the orange flavor immediately, which made me think it would be more Fanta-esque. But then you get a strong dose of vanilla aftertaste, which is well done. Not too sweet. I prefer more carbonation, but I actually think this is the right amount for the cream soda vibe. Orange, vanilla, and heavy mouth feel might be too much.



Boring design but +1 for the color which definitely pulls you in. I shouldn’t have been surprised when this poured out clear like Black Cherry did, but it does pour out clear with medium carbonation.



BCAA (amino acids), creatine, electrolytes, and COQ10 (an antioxidant, I had to look it up) along with 250mg of caffeine that’s standard with the Quakes I’ve seen. 250mg is my sweet spot right now, with 100 feeling like too little and 300 giving me the jitters. Solid kick if you’re looking for a boost.


I could be wrong but I don’t know of any other orange vanilla energy drinks on the market, so I think that 7-11 did a great job capturing that niche. It’s smooth, packs a punch, and is cheap (as of the time this review is being written).

My only issue, as it always is with strong-flavored energy drinks, is that re-drinkability takes a hit. However, this isn’t at the level that NOS Sonic Sour or Rockstar Thermo Tropical Fire are on. I could see myself reaching for a Quake Orange Fusion after a couple of weeks, for a refreshing change of pace that hits the spot.

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