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Monster Ultra Red

If you like the Zero Ultra line, you’ll like this. Simple as that.

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Time for another version of the most consistent line of energy drinks out there, in my opinion - the Monster Ultra line. Today we’ve got Ultra Red, which I’ve definitely had before, but clearly wasn’t memorable enough.



Such a classic and repeatable formula from Monster. They didn’t do anything game changing here, but they didn’t need to. It really does taste like “red”, which I guess if I dig into it, means cherry-ish. It’s exceptionally smooth, and you probably won’t be thinking about the taste much since it goes down so easily.



Monster Zero Ultra can turned red - epic! But seriously, it’s a solid can. It just doesn’t have anything insane to boost it past a 7 for me. Pours out pinkish red with medium carbonation.



140mg of caffeine, along with taurine and L-carnitine. Makes for a nice pick me up. If Ultra Red is anything like Zero Ultra, there’s little chance for a crash or negative side effects.


If you like the Zero Ultra line, you’ll like this. Simple as that.

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