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Monster Ultra Paradise

High re-drinkability and consistency with Monster Ultra Paradise

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“Monster doesn’t miss” should be Monster’s new slogan, because Monster Ultras are seriously the standard for zero sugar energy drinks. This one’s free Monster - you’re welcome. I’ve never had Ultra Paradise before, but in my head the floor is about 7 since they’re all pretty similar.



I wasn’t wrong about the floor being 7 - the Monster Ultras are SO consistent. The strongest flavor is green apple, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s not overpowering at all. Not sure how green apple is an “island flavor”; but pineapple is clearly there, so that checks out. It’s really refreshing and has a great level of carbonation, so gonna give an 8 here for taste.



5 years ago this can would be an 8+, now it’s run of the mill with a cool design. Above average, so a 6 from me on appearance. Pours out light green with medium carbonation.



Monster energy blend, zero sugar, and 140mg of caffeine. Another Monster that seems to have lower than the old usual - 160mg. I don’t mind since I’m using this as basically a coffee substitute during my work day. It’s not going to blow you away unless you’re literally a 7-year old girl.


As with all of the Monster Ultras, high re-drinkability and consistency - which is big for me. What’s the point of a delicious beverage if you’re not going to want to reach for it again anytime soon? It is on the sweeter side, so if that’s not your jam I could see not liking Monster Ultra Paradise as much. Overall a 7.5 for me since there’s a low kick, but there’s absolutely a time and place for this drink.

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