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Monster Maxx Rad Red

Rad Red brings a simple black cherry flavor that goes down smooth and easy.

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Monster Maxx is one of those drinks that I feel like has been around forever, but for some reason I’ve never tried. I swear they’re not as widely available as the other Monsters. I’m excited to see what “rad red” entails - cherry, apple, maybe just a “red” taste?



Flavor is black cherry, and I like that it’s not too sweet. To compare it to other black cherry energy drinks like Quake Black Cherry and Mountain Dew Kickstart Black Cherry, I would say that Rad Red is different in that it doesn’t taste as much like a soda since it’s not as sweet. I’m sure it’s still just artificial flavoring. But it is a more dialed back, simple, cherry flavor.



Cool can, honestly. Looks like a red galaxy in the background behind a silver Monster logo. Only a 12oz can which puts it in competition with Red Bull. Pours out bright red with low to medium carbonation.



I think the kick is probably the best aspect of this drink. It’s true, 180mg per can is nothing to write home about. But compared to the most popular 12oz energy drink, Red Bull, 180mg packs a punch compared to 102mg.


Sometimes I’m looking for an energy drink to sit down with and sip on; when I’m looking for a buzz and have too much time on my hands. But sometimes I want to down a quick hitting, delicious energy drink, and that’s where Monster Maxx comes in. Rad Red brings a simple black cherry flavor that goes down smooth and easy.

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